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Videography Promotion
Online Webinar for clients
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E-mail Blast and News Letter 
Drill and Marketing seminar for Maritime Industry

■Editorial work for key industrial publications promoting 

    Maritime industries' various business activities.


 Editorial Support (Digital, Green, and Security issues and narrative stories will be included,)

The most beneficial advantages of industries' service collaborating with promotion for Japanese shipowners. we propose to publish the Special (promotional) Newsletter ( Press release ) in Japanese . 


1.    Inform the advantages and up to date activities of

       the company cultivating more into the Japanese maritime

2.    Inform comprehensive news to Japanese Clients, and  audiences.


News, Movie, introduction of some case study ( in future contents) of Shipping companies.


3.E-balst distribution should impact and influence more wide range of clients, such as general peoples and non- maritime clients, and can be enhanced the branding for more Japanese peoples.

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